Why Winter grooming

Why Winter Grooming?

Did you know that dirty matted hair traps debris, parasites and microbes which causes dermatological issues.

Regular grooming helps to keep away tangles and  mats. Mats and tangles prevent the oils from conditioning and stimulate the skin and coat. 

During winter dogs also suffer from dry and scaly skin. Even though they are covered in fur they still feel all the effects of winter. 

Hair around paws should be kept short to prevent them from slipping. Proper hygiene is essential. Failure to groom and lead to serious health consequences.

During summer dogs run around and are more active filing their nails. During winter there is less activity so nails get overgrown.

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Angie Nichas

Nichas, a very much Afrikaans girl but with a Greek twist. 

“Our house is filled with dogs and cats.”

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