Benefits of regular grooming


  • Better hygiene and smell
  • Check and treat fleas
  • Ear detection of any skin and health issues
  • Trimming nails reduces risk of developing bad posture or bone deformations
  • Healthy and shiny coats which shed a lot less
  • Get rid of pulling matts
  • Socialize performing grooming  rituals helps the animal to become accustomed to being touched
  • Dental health
  • Appearance
  • Brushing ventilates the coat


Grooming helps your dog’s skin to breath as too much grease and oil can block pores and can cause irritation and skin problems.  Matted dogs hair becomes worse pulling at the skin and causing sore patches.  Sore patches can become huge sores and get infected.


Angie - Woof and Meow 02


Angie Nichas

Nichas, a very much Afrikaans girl but with a Greek twist. 

“Our house is filled with dogs and cats.”

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