Angie Nichas

Nichas, a very much Afrikaans girl but with a Greek twist. 

“Our house is filled with dogs and cats.”

How It All

My love for all animals started when I was about 5 years old, living on a farm and wanting to save and heal all the injured farm animals.

A couple of years later after working for a vet and years at a grooming parlour in Waterkloof, the idea of starting my own parlour in 2003 was born.

I wanted to provide a more personalized grooming experience for not only the customer but for the four-legged customers as well. I studied Animal Behaviour and then moved on to my grooming course.

At first it was just me and then my team of groomers trained by me started. My dream was never to have a mobile van but to rather work old school. 

I never wanted to see doggies stuffed into cages, never wanted them to fall off tables or out of baths, so I improvised and did it differently. Woof and Meow has been running successfully for 15 Years.  For 8 months of the year, we are fully booked for at least one to two weeks in advance. 

Guess What

We having a makeover. It is a 18 year long story we would like to share with you. I have changed, Woof and Meow have changed. The world have change. So why the change?  When it comes to animal welfare, I will not hesitate to stop, address or report owners if their animal is malnourished or abused.  We all know that animals cannot speak for themselves and we need to be their voices

My passion, love and attention to cats and dogs can almost categorise me as the “crazy dog & cat lady or you can just look at all the bumper stickers on my car.  My husband occasionally reminds me that there are three other humans that also need attention – LOL.


I have developed many relationships the last 15 years being in the pet grooming industry.  With a customer base of over 4000.  I would see the long-term customers of more than 14 years as an accomplishment.  

Providing the best customer experience and a professional grooming service is what we focus on.  Our staff are trained, professional and share the same passion caring for animal.

We also believe in giving back, that shows our involvement in every special project for NPO’s such as Kaalgat Dog Rescue, Wollies and just helping where needed in and around Pretoria with families that cannot afford grooming.   

With the help of my customers and suppliers we can collect funds and dogfood when there is a need or special project.  Helping when the need arises, is not a challenge for us.

What Is Next For PetGrooming

To provide consistent, professional and greatest grooming service to all my customers.   In an ideal world I would also like to save all the abandoned animals, feed all the hungry and heal all the injured.  But because it is a constant struggle with stupid and uneducated humans, I cannot go on this journey alone and would need all the help and voices along the way. I do not want my parlour to be a business but more like a family.

We want to treat your pets the same why I would treat my pets. I don’t want you to just be a number but part of a family a unity. I will continue my courses and I will pass on my knowledge to all my groomers that we can provide you will all you need. My first aid in dogs, my animal behaviour and all I do is for our for legged friends. I believe one should be able to do the work just as well as ones staff to make it work and that is just what I am doing. My staff has been trained by me and all have been with me between 7 to 12 years.

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