Dear newest family member
WELCOME to Woof and Meow!  We are truly over joyed to have you and your pawsome kiddy join us. I believe we will walk a long and happy road together. We aim to keep you guys as happy and wagging tails as possible.

Before we get down to the bubbles and brushing teeth, we first need to explain how and why we operate the way we do.
Since I have been running mobile grooming since 2005, we strive to make your dogs experience a loving, stress free, enjoyable experience. I completed my course in dog grooming in 2004 with flying colours at the south African grooming institution. So that’s why my staff will provide your doggies and kitties with all the pampering required to fit their lifestyle. We travel to you to lighten up your work load

What we need from you:
•Hot water
•Electricity outlet
•Space convenient for you where we can work
•Aaannndd..... your pawsome doggie or kitty


We work on appointments only, if we do however have a cancellation that day and you are within the area that we are working, then you MIGHT be contacted and scheduled for a possible grooming. If it is an emergency and your fur-baby TRULY needs a grooming A.S.A.P then we will do our utmost best to squeeeeeze you in for the day. Since you have joined the family, you are allowed to contact me any time with regard to your kiddy. Please always keep me up to date with our grooming sessions, for example: if you have booked for 2 doggy's to be groomed and wish for us to groom 3 instead, then please INFORM ME BEFORE THE TIME as we work on a strict schedule and if we prepare for only 2 and need to wash 3, then our next customer will miss out on their pampering or we will be late. It is extremely important to stay in contact with regards to operations, birthdays accidents etc as we truly enjoy being a part of your lives and giving outstanding service.

We understand how busy your schedule is but we will appreciate EFT confirmation print (Banking details can be provided)or cash. Unfortunately if this is not provided, we will have to reschedule our appointment until the funds are available. (UNLESS ANY ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE WITH ME PERSONALLY AND I HAVE APPROVED IT)

When it comes to confirming and making your appointments, I will send you a confirmation sms the day before your appointment with a time as well. If this does not suit you, then please sms me back in order for me to organize a schedule for my drivers and groomers. If you have not sent an sms confirming the appointment or asking for a few alterations then I will send you ONE MORE sms that night. If you still do not reply then unfortunately your appointment will be removed and rescheduled when best suited for you. This is only done because we do not want to waste any time waiting for customers to open the gates or come home. Wasting time means less bonding time with your kiddies and being late for our next customer patiently waiting. Also please make all the necessary arrangements like money, confirmation of an EFT done, someone to open the gate etc for us in order to make our visit run a lot smoother. IF we are running behind schedule or ahead of schedule we will notify you before we go through to your house in order to not inconvenience you in any way. 

If by any chance you wish to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please don’t be too scared to. We will not bite =) we can always reschedule. If you fail to cancel within an appropriate time and we end up going to your house and there is no answer, we will have to unfortunately charge you R50 to cover our driving costs. 

Please remember that we deal with different dogs on a daily basis, therefor we do not always know how long we will end up spending at a customers house. We always try our best to do outstanding service, bonding at its best and leaving your pawsome pet looking smart and ready for the red carpet. That is why our day is very unpredictable ALTHOUGH we do work on a strict scheduled times for each customer, there will be days where we will run late due to unforeseen circumstances. We ask that you please work with us and stay patient as we do not forget about you, we push as hard as we possibly can to leave each and every family member with a smile and wagging tail.

It is extremely important to notify us as soon as possible if you do not have water or electricity that day in order for us to make the necessary precautions and bring a generator along or any other solutions. Always try to remember to communicate with me directly or my managers when it comes to grooming your kiddies. Sometimes there would be a misunderstanding between the gardener, domestic etc and we will end up disappointing you which we would hate. When you leave a message with our groomers, always just make sure the manager (the driver) is also notified about the message in order to note it on our clip board so that the message will reach me as soon as they cash up the days work.

If we have weekly appointments then GREAT if not, then please make sure to brush your doggies and kitties on a daily or weekly basis before we come for a visit again because when we groom them, we do not want to brush and pull their hair or have to end up shaving their gorgeous coats off =( It keeps their oils flowing through their coats and our job a lot easier since we do not need to cut mats or knots out. They can enjoy a soft groom instead of going to war in order to get their coat silky soft and easy for you to run your fingers through their hair. THIS ALSO PREVENTS HAIR LOSS.

We do offer a tick and flea POWDER, please always make sure that we have the go ahead to put the powder on or if you don’t want us to.

We have 3 vehicles that carry between 2 and 4 groomers. We DO NOT work inside a van or outside of your yard in a trailer because we believe in an OPEN DOOR POLICY! It is extremely important for your little paws to feel comfortable when being groomed, we do not want to panic them. You will be able to see how we treat your children as well as bond with us as we go through the splish splash process.

If ever there is a problem with a grooming session, please notify as soon as possible so that we can fix the problem and make sure that any misunderstandings will be resolved and sorted out.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If we have not groomed your pawsome buddy in a while, the hair would be extremely matted therefor if we take longer than usual at a house and it puts us behind schedule then we will unfortunately have to charge you extra due to us spending longer than expected at your house. We hope you understand this.

WOOF AND MEOW DOGGIE BOUTIQUE trades from 08:30 - 16:00 Tuesdays to Saturdays.

WOOF AND MEOW DOGGIE BOUTIQUE strives to make the experience with us as stress free as possible and as filled with as much love as possible. Please contact us 48 hours in advance for an appointment.

Thank you,



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